This morning, I had the privilege to attend a “fireside chat” with none other than the well-known Simon Sinek. For those of you who don’t know (it’s okay, I didn’t a week ago), Simon is a leadership expert who has given a Ted talk and has written a book called “Start With Why.”

If you are interested, check out his talk here: Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe.

While his thoughts this morning for my group were centered around leadership in the workplace, the core of his thoughts can be much more broad in application. This led me to think, what is my why for getting healthy, for desiring to lose weight, for waking up every single day?

I have recently discovered (I think) my purpose, and it is the tagline of this blog: To educate, inspire, and equip others to live life wholefully. I just didn’t realize that this statement was in fact my bigger purpose.

So ask yourself: What is your why?
You know “what” you do everyday, and you know “how” you do that; but what is the “why” in your life? This very “why” has the power to unlock so much potential in the everyday.