Hello friends and welcome to a new month! Something I am trying to get back into the habit of is setting weekly and monthly goals.

This week’s goal is simple: Minimize processed foods and focus on including more whole foods in my diet.
This month’s goal is not so easy for me: No weigh-ins. I really need to take a step back to focus on how my body feels. I need to learn to listen to my body not a number on the scale.

In hand with my goal for the week, this is a loose meal plan for the week ahead. I am trying to give myself room for flexibility, as I am trying to become more intuitive with my food choices.


  • Smoothies (this morning is a Ginger-Berry smoothie) and a protein bar.
    • I recently made the decision to switch back to morning workouts which means I need a packable breakfast. Smoothies are great as it is warming up and are a great cool-down treat post-workout. The protein bar ensures that I am not missing out on that vital post-workout recovery.


  • Turkey Wraps with a sides of Grapes and Carrots
  • Chicken Salad (homemade) with a side salad and an apple


  • Rice Noodles with Red Sauce and Ground Turkey
  • Veggie Stir-Fry


What’s on your menu for this week?