Hi friends! Happy Friday and congratulations on making it through the workweek! I have spent this week at a week-long training in Illinois for my day-job, and I cannot wait to get back home to normalcy!

Today, I wanted to talk to you about cleansing, what it is, and why you need it in your life. When you think of a cleanse what comes to mind? Perhaps you think of juice fasts, detoxes, popping pills, or being super restricted. However, that is NOT what a cleanse is at all!

Why Cleanse?
Toxins are everywhere in today’s world, both in our internal and external environments. Although the body is designed to be self-cleaning and to excrete these toxins, it cannot always handle the overload of toxins present in today’s environment.

The toxins not able to be excreted accumulate in our fat cells, and cell membranes become internal toxins. These toxins can damage the protective intestinal lining, literally corroding the body from the inside out, making it a less effective filter for the good nutrients we might be bringing in. The more the lining is damaged, the less effectively it absorbs nutrients, and the more toxins pass into the blood and lymph systems. During a cleanse, we aim to eliminate toxins from the body to avoid toxic overload.

How do you Cleanse?
To avoid the symptoms of toxic overload and effectively reset the body it is important to keep all of the body’s channels of elimination open and functioning well. A number of cleansing activities are recommended beyond simply changing your diet. The time and loving attention you devote to these supplemental activities for your body will be richly rewarded with improved health.

It is believed by nutritionally oriented health care practitioners that specific food allergies are related to metabolic toxicity. One classic approach to eliminating or minimizing symptoms associated with food allergies is using a hypo-allergenic diet or elimination diet. Foods that most commonly cause symptoms of a food allergy or toxicity are gluten, dairy products, eggs, soy, caffeine, yeast, sugar (and its many forms), dried fruits, citrus, and sometimes poor food combining.

Avoidance of these foods has lead to relief of symptoms in many individuals. By reintroducing these foods back into the diet individually, you are able to see clearly how your body reacts to that food.

This gentle, yet effective approach is designed to support the liver’s detoxification pathways and to improve intestinal health so that the body can clear out excess toxins and operate at it’s highest potential. It delivers boundless reserves of energy you didn’t know you had. You’ll find that every part of your body works better simply by “switching on” your metabolism and body’s natural healing abilities.

Do You Need to Cleanse?
Is it time for you to do a cleanse? Let me ask you some easy questions to help you evaluate…

  • Do you get bloated after eating?
  • Do you tend to gain weight easily, especially in your mid-section?
  • Do you have extra pounds that won’t come off with diet and exercise?
  • Do you have headaches more than occasionally?
  • Do you frequently belch or feel gassy or gurgling in your stomach?
  • Do you tend to feel sluggish or lethargic during the day?
  • Do you have cravings for sugar or starchy foods?
  • Do you experience mood swings or anxiety?
  • Do you have difficulty focusing or experience foggy brain?
  • Do you have allergies or hayfever?
  • Do you experience pain, muscle achiness, or stiffness in your joints?
  • Do you feel addicted to foods that you know aren’t good for you… and yet you can’t stop?
  • Do you feel anxious, upset, nervous, or downright cranky?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you would greatly benefit from a cleanse! And the great news is that I have a 14-Day Reset Cleanse program that I am releasing. I will guide you through 2 weeks consisting of three easy phases. If this seems scary, it’s not! I am with you every step of the way, offering check-ins along the way, and I have also taken away the guesswork of wondering what is okay and not okay to eat.

Call to Action!
I am looking to gather a small group of people to go through this program together! I will be doing the Cleanse alongside you while offering email and/or phone check-ins of varying frequency, depending on your wants/needs.

If you have are interested, please comment or message me and let me know! I will be releasing more details to those who are interested, with a sign-up to follow shortly thereafter! The initial group has a slated start date in early June. however I am contemplating hosting a group starting on May 15th (finished just in time for Memorial Day).