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Roundup | Who I’m Watching on YouTube – Health/Fitness

Hey guys!

It’s Friday, and I’ve been MIA since Monday! Yikes! I wish I had a valid excuse, but I don’t. Just an average person’s case of good ol’ writer’s block.

So I thought I’d keep it simple (and short) today, and let you all know what my favorite health and/or fitness YouTube channels are currently. So, if you want to get lost in the black hole that is YouTube videos, check out the below channels!

In no particular order…

  1. Amanda Bucci
  2. Juggernaut Training Systems
  3. Meg Squats
  4. Obese to Beast
  5. Sarahs Day
  6. Team Richey
  7. Yami Mufdi

What YouTubers do you like? I’m always open to check out new channels!

What is Your Why?

This morning, I had the privilege to attend a “fireside chat” with none other than the well-known Simon Sinek. For those of you who don’t know (it’s okay, I didn’t a week ago), Simon is a leadership expert who has given a Ted talk and has written a book called “Start With Why.”

If you are interested, check out his talk here: Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe.

While his thoughts this morning for my group were centered around leadership in the workplace, the core of his thoughts can be much more broad in application. This led me to think, what is my why for getting healthy, for desiring to lose weight, for waking up every single day?

I have recently discovered (I think) my purpose, and it is the tagline of this blog: To educate, inspire, and equip others to live life wholefully. I just didn’t realize that this statement was in fact my bigger purpose.

So ask yourself: What is your why?
You know “what” you do everyday, and you know “how” you do that; but what is the “why” in your life? This very “why” has the power to unlock so much potential in the everyday.

Self-Love Saturday

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend thus far.

Saturdays are my favorite day because it is the one day during the week that I can really take the time to do something for me. So often, life seems to be go, go, go when all you want is to slow, slow, slow.

This morning, a newer to Atlanta yoga studio, Dancing Dogs Yoga, hosted an open house with free (FREE!) hot yoga classes. I have never practiced hot yoga, but have been wanting to for quite some time, so I signed up for the 8am class.

You guys, why have I not known how AMAZING hot yoga is?! The hour flew by, and although I was rocking some hard-core sweat (more than I do at Crossfit, mind you), I felt incredibly cool, calm, collected, and challenged. I fully plan to incorporate a hot yoga session into my schedule at least monthly. The one thing I don’t love about boutique/studio fitness companies is the price. I get it, really I do, but my paycheck does not! So I have to limit my extra classes for the time being. If money was no issue, I’d be in at least once a week!

If you are in Atlanta or Savannah, definitely check out Dancing Dogs! They will not disappoint, and they accept you where you are in your yoga journey. My husband has never practiced yoga, and he still really enjoyed class and also got a great experience and appreciation for yoga.

What do you like to do for yourself? Let me know in the comments! I find that I like to strike the balance of doing something active (whether it be hiking, walking, running, spinning, or yoga) on Saturdays and taking a soak/bath on Sunday nights.

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